Wednesday, December 22, 2010

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The Cold Kiss The Cold Kiss by John Rector

Today I have a recently read post contributed by Frank Zubek, author of the Nick Crowell series.  He writes:

"The Cold Kiss is written by John Rector and in my opinion; you could just as easily mistake it for something written by Elmore Leonard. Yes, I think it’s that good.

Nate and Sarah, who are pregnant, are a young couple on their way to Reno to get married and start a new life. On the way, they meet a sickly stranger who begs them for a ride. It’s not a tough decision since he offers them five hundred in cash.

But things get worse from there as a snowstorm moves in, closes the road and they are forced to spend the night in a motel. Once there, Nate discovers that the man has died during the journey and that he has hundreds of thousands of dollars in his backpack.
Nate is then forced to make several desperate decisions that pile up on him as the night drags on. Complicating matters, of course, are a handful of strangers in the same motel who are also waiting out the storm.

So are you looking for something great to read? A Cold Kiss is what you should check out next. Trust me."

Frank Zubek has a paranormal mystery series running on Kindle. Nick Crowell is a Cleveland Detective who had been shot in a cemetery several years ago. Since then, he encounters ghosts and people with paranormal problems. The problem is, that Crowell does all of this reluctantly, since he is no expert on the afterlife. This weighs on him throughout the series.

There is a collection of short stories featuring Crowell titled Empath: Horror Stories, as well as novella that was just released called, A Burning Anger

Frank plans four more novellas featuring Crowell,  due in 2011.

Interested in any of these books?
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