Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Giveaway!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!
I want to take this moment to thank Michael Robb for allowing me to give away copies of The Butcher's Boy.
But now...
It's time to announce the winners for The Butcher's Boy copies.

Since there were only four entrants I will be gifting to all four!  I have already gifted the books so CHECK YOUR EMAILS!

Congratulations to:
Julie Ann

Yay!  Whoo Hoo!

Now I'm off to buy MY copy!

For anyone else who'd like a copy you'll find the description and links to The Butcher's Boy below.

What happens when a newly divorced mother, her eleven year old son, and their overprotective Rottweiler move into a house that is haunted by the victims of a long ago grizzly murder? Can young Michael fight through the madness and terror to figure out what happened so long ago? If he does, maybe the tormented souls can be put to rest. If he fails, he just might become one of them.With only the help of his babysitter, a burned out house painter, and his dog Lucy Fur, Michael is about to try. The problem is, not everyone is who they seem, even the dead.

Author Bio:
Michael Robb Mathias has made a name writing epic fantasy novels under the pen name M. R. Mathias. Amazon, and Barnes & Noble Bestselling e-books such as:
The Sword and the Dragon & The Royal Dragoneers have taken on a life of their own as masterworks in the fantasy genre.
Michael's newest release, The Butcher's Boy, is not a fantasy. It is a terrifying Haunted House/Murder-Mystery/Chiller.
In order to maintain a distance from the YA fans of his popular Dragoneers Saga, this frightening tale has been released under the pen name:
Michael Robb

 If you can't wait for Christmas you can purchase your copy now!





  1. I'd sure love to win a copy!

  2. I'd love to leave a comment with my email address but can't. The last time I did was the first time my account started receiving spam.

  3. @Poppet (any anyone else concerned about being spammed) You can submit via my email address authorjcphelps(at)yahoo(dot)com. I do not collect email addresses for anything other than notifying the winners.

  4. Count me in!

  5. Pick me! Pick me! julieannfelicitydelgrosso (at) yahoo (dot) com!



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