Thursday, November 18, 2010

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The Mengliad
Jana Janeway

Again, this is one I read a while ago but this one will be in my memory for a long time to come.  I enjoyed this book because of the underlying story.  The thought of people that are just like us (human) but not (Mengliad) is great.  The author, Jana Janeway, did an excellent job of making this very complicated concept simple to follow.  I will say I was unhappy with the ending because I was left feeling unfulfilled - but there is a promised sequel - if I'm remembering correctly.  I'm anxious for that day to come!

I say, "Give it a try!"  The Mengliad is currently at 99¢ at Amazon in Kindle format and $11.99 for a paperback.

"There are a lot of beliefs out there. Some people think we got here by spacecraft. Some think we evolved, like Humans, but in a slightly different direction. Some think we were created by God, after Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden. However we came to be, the truth of the matter is, there are two species that are near-identical in every way that inhabit the Earth. One is Human, one is Mengliad."

What would you do if you learned that there was a separate Human-like species on the planet? Jessica Mitchell is about to be faced with that very question. The strange flu bug she seems to have caught quickly becomes the least of her worries. While on her way home from work, she passes out in Central Park, only to regain consciousness hours later, under the gaze of a kind but odd stranger. This Good Samaritan offers his assistance, and subsequently opens the gate to a world she knows nothing about.

Initially, Jessica is reluctant to believe what Craddock Daniels tells her, but after the unsettling reality sinks in, she feels she has no choice but to follow him and his friends. Changes are taking place, and she is now in danger because of them. Will Craddock be able to protect her? Does Jessica possess the strength to endure all that is happening to her? Can love really blossom under the direst of circumstances?

THE MENGLIAD is a romance adventure novel with a sci-fi flavor. At over 112,000 words, this story evokes a sense of how horrible it would be to have everything you knew pulled from under you.

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