Thursday, November 4, 2010

Karen Cantwell's Recent Read - November 4th, 2010

Deed to Death
D.B. Henson

Karen Cantwell, author of Take the Monkeys and Run and the newly released The Chronicles of Marr-nia, recently read Deed to Death by DB Henson and has this to say: 
 "A Tension-filled read from the first few lines.  A page-turner that I definitely recommend for mystery readers." - Author, Karen Cantwell

Real estate agent Toni Matthew's problems begin when her fiancé, Scott, is murdered. Having to bury the man she loves on the very day they planned to be married is almost more than Toni can take. Dealing with her loss becomes even harder when Scott's estranged brother, Brian, contests the will, threatening to take away her home.

After learning Brian is in deep financial trouble, Toni suspects he may be the one who killed Scott. Determined to find the truth and frustrated with the police, she begins her own investigation. Toni soon realizes she didn't know her fiancé quite as well as she had thought. Scott had been keeping secrets. Secrets that make Toni the killer's next target.

A lean, fast-paced thriller.

Approximately 78,000 words. Print Length - 311 pages.

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