Sunday, November 21, 2010

Author Spotlight - Jason W. Chan

Jason W. Chan

Romance, fantasy, betrayal and forgiveness are the driving forces behind BLISS AND GRIEF.

Incubus Colton confesses his love to his human best-friend Daphne, knowing that it's forbidden for an incubus to fall in love.

He is immediately recalled to a nightmare world called Grief for punishment, where he is bound in servitude to a plant monster and forced to seduce dreaming girls to survive.

Colton must choose to stay in Grief forever or take a pill that makes him forget Daphne entirely.

As thoughts of the pain of neglect flood his mind, he impulsively takes the pill, and but then immediately regrets it when he relives blissful times with Daphne. Will he find a way to undo its effects before the police recapture him and take him to the torture chambers? Or is he destined to return home without love for the only girl he has ever loved?


When 16 year old Dash goes to summer camp, he sees a beautiful ghostly girl in a mural. One night, she pulls him into the mural, where they bond and fall in love. He finds out that she's bound in servitude by a demon, who marries her off to an even stronger demon.

Can Dash rescue the girl before she is married off? Or will she suffer in death, as she had in life?

A PHANTOM LOVE STORY explores how the love of a good girl can change the life of a boy forever. 


Author Bio: 
Jason W. Chan is a Canadian citizen. He is also a University student as well as a civil servant. He loves to read and write. His favorite writers include Anita Shreve, Stephen King, Marian Keyes. His favorite films include Titanic, Beauty and the Beast. As for music, no one can beat Celine Dion. 

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