Friday, October 22, 2010


Yes!  I've been a slacker lately.  I have no excuses... Okay, I have tons of excuses but no real reasons other than the ugly fact that I'm a SLACKER.

I've not had any new submissions for books so I'm considering - in between listing past books - of listing the books I've read recently.  I've stepped up my book consumption quite a lot since I got my Kindle for Christmas and I love it.  I haven't found it so easy to read since high school when I worked twelve hour shifts doing nothing.

I won't do reviews but I will let you know if I enjoyed the book.  I've been reading a lot of Indie authors lately but I've also been reading classics and traditionally published books.  You will find links below to the books Amazon Kindle page and Smashwords page if they are available.

How Evil Works
David Kupelian

This was one of my very first purchases after I received my Kindle.  I will freely admit, I read fiction because I'm looking to be entertained.  So, this book was a little outside my comfort zone.  I was a bit afraid to be preached at.  Yet, when I finished the book, I felt as if I'd spent my time more productively than I had in a long time.

It was definitely MORE than I wanted to pay for an e-book, but I really wanted to read this book after reading the sample.
I think I paid $14.95 and it is now $12.99 (Kindle edition)

This book is not for everyone.  He obviously has strong Christian beliefs and this can rub some people the wrong way.  However, I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone interested in what he has to say.  Read the sample first.  Don't waste your money if you are annoyed with the sample - it only gets better from there.

The below description is from the hardcover page at Amazon.

Despite the human race's extraordinary capacity for invention and progress, we clearly have a millennia-old blind spot in one all-important area: We don't understand evil -- what it is, how it works, and why it so routinely and effortlessly ruins our lives. Put another way, we don't understand ourselves.
David Kupelian, the bestselling author of The Marketing of Evil, probes the ancient question of evil through a modern journalist's eye, once again demonstrating his uncanny knack for demystifying complex, elusive, and intimidating subjects with fresh insights into the hidden mechanisms of seduction, corruption, and power politics. Diving into today's most electrifying news stories -- from terrorism and school shootings to high-profile sex scandals and political dysfunction -- Kupelian explores such profoundly troubling questions as:
- How does terrorism really work?

- Why are New Age religions becoming so popular?

- Why do so many celebrities who "have it all" -- talent, fame, good looks, wealth, adoration -- end up self-destructing?

- Why are big lies more believable than little ones?

- Why are boys doing worse in school today than girls?

- Why do we treat mental, emotional, and spiritual problems, like anger and depression, with drugs?

Here's the good news: Once we really understand "how evil works" -- not just in the disasters and mega-crimes that dominate the headlines, but in our own lives as well -- evil actually loses much of its power over us, and the way out becomes more clear. Thus, How Evil Works bears a powerful message of genuine hope.


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