Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Ryel Saga

The Ryel Saga
A Tale of Love and Magic
Carolyn Kephart

The Ryel Saga is the combined and expanded edition of  the duology Wysard and Lord Brother that came out in paperback some years ago. The duology was very warmly welcomed when it appeared, and I invite you to read the glowing reviews on my website at

The wysard Ryel Mirai leaves the great Art-citadel Markul to rediscover the long-lost spell that will release his mentor from the wraithworld of the Void, but a malignant sorcerer likewise imprisoned has enlisted the aid of Ryel's strongest rival to find the spell first. Amid dangers, joys and temptations, Ryel discovers unlikely allies to help him in his quest, and learns that he may well gain all that he wishes...although perhaps not as he wished it.

Since The Ryel Saga hasn't garnered many reviews yet, I'll cite one of my favorites for Wysard:

"A masterful fantasy by an extremely talented author...Ms.Kephart has created a beautiful world, complete with many different civilizations, peoples, laws, and creatures. She's given it life, imbuing it with feudal hostilities, caste grudges, religious debates and politics. Throughout the novel, we learn much about this world, but it never takes over the storyline or does more than register in the reader's mind. The focus remains on Ryel, on his quest and his destiny." ~In The Library Reviews

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Carolyn Kephart's website offers the full first chapter, reviews, bio, short fiction and a link to her blog.

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