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The Mengliad

The Mengliad
Jana Janeway


"There are a lot of beliefs out there. Some people think we got here by spacecraft. Some think we evolved, like Humans, but in a slightly different direction. Some think we were created by God, after Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden. However we came to be, the truth of the matter is, there are two species that are near-identical in every way that inhabit the Earth. One is Human, one is Mengliad."

What would you do if you learned that there was a separate Human-like species on the planet? Jessica Mitchell is about to be faced with that very question. The strange flu bug she seems to have caught quickly becomes the least of her worries. While on her way home from work, she passes out in Central Park, only to regain consciousness hours later, under the gaze of a kind but odd stranger. This Good Samaritan offers his assistance, and subsequently opens the gate to a world she knows nothing about.

Initially, Jessica is reluctant to believe what Craddock Daniels tells her, but after the unsettling reality sinks in, she feels she has no choice but to follow him and his friends. Changes are taking place, and she is now in danger because of them. Will Craddock be able to protect her? Does Jessica possess the strength to endure all that is happening to her? Can love really blossom under the direst of circumstances?

THE MENGLIAD is a romance adventure novel with a sci-fi flavor. At over 112,000 words, this story evokes a sense of how horrible it would be to have everything you knew pulled from under you.

Author Bio:
Jana Janeway graduated high school at the age of sixteen and has dedicated her life to raising her children ever since.

An avid writer since the age of nine, she started publishing her highly acclaimed stories in 2001, on various websites, including her own:

In 2009, she published her first novel, The Mengliad; the first in a three part series. The second book of the series, The Registry's Secrets, is currently in production, and due to be released in 2010.

Jana's style of writing has been described as conversational storytelling, heavy on dialog and emotions of characters, with surprising twists and turns. Terms like: "romantic", "angsty", and "consistent" have also been used.

Interesting facts about the author:

Jana became disabled in 1995, when a car jumped the curb and struck her head on while she was out walking for exercise.

Her youngest son was born on the T.V. show 'A Baby Story' in 1999.
She is a strong supporter of Autism Awareness; both of her sons have been diagnosed as Autistic.

Jana currently resides in Southern California with her four children.


By: Keith Robinson, author of The Island Of Fog series:

As the author states, The Mengliad is primarily a romance with a sci-fi flavor. The story gets off to a very fast start and the reader is immediately hooked by the notion that we're not alone, and that Jessica has inexplicably become one of the "others." Her transition is subtle and well written. After blacking out, she is rescued by Craddock, a veritable knight in shining armor. But when he tries to tell her that she is no longer completely human, she rejects him and his friends as a bunch of nut jobs. But then she wakes to find that she... well, that would be giving it away! Suffice to say, her reaction is believable and the fact that her first phone call is to Craddock and his friends, instead of her own friends or even a hospital, seems perfectly natural given the circumstances.

After that, poor Jessica has a steep learning curve. There's much to know about being a Mengliad. Despite being identical to humans in nearly every way, there are slight but important differences. These differences have thus far gone undetected; humans are still ignorant of the fact that they share the world with another species. On the surface you have to wonder how this can be possible; surely doctors and surgeons would eventually spot something a little off! But on the other hand the Mengliads are literally everywhere, and there's undoubtedly a lot of cover-up work going on. And most of the differences are not even physical. A Mengliad's "scent," for instance, would be hard to prove, especially as only Mengliads can smell it. And while Mengliads can eat what humans eat, they need something in addition to sustain them... and that's something they keep secret. The author's idea of Mengliad-friendly restaurants is brilliant -- basically subtle messages in restaurant names or slogans that appear completely innocent to humans but stand out a mile to Mengliads. Once you're "in the know," then your perception changes.

Another great and fascinating idea is the Chimie. I can't give away what this is, but at first you'll chuckle, and then you'll start to wish such a thing existed. This one can never be proved by science; heck, even the Mengliads have trouble believing it. But it's very real to Jessica and Craddock.

The Mengliad can be compared with a modern vampire love story in that there are non-humans among us striving to remain hidden, and these people are in many ways superior -- like deluxe model humans. But unlike vampires, the Mengliads don't need human blood to survive. There is a degree of action in this novel, because Jessica and her strange new friends are pursued by a faction known as the Purists, who want the new Mengliad dead. But this novel is primarily centered around relationships. If you want simple sci-fi action and adventure, then this may not be the novel for you; but if you want romance and drama, with plenty of tension, a healthy dose of sci-fi, a smattering of action, and some extremely tasteful, well-written steamy scenes, then The Mengliad will be right up your alley.

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  1. I've read this book and I really enjoyed it. The idea, though a bit complicated, was put to the reader very seamlessly and with extreme believability.
    I'd recommend it for a quick read.


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