Sunday, October 3, 2010


R. Doug Wicker


Donovan Grant witnessed something no man should have to see—a crime so horrendous with a death count so high that the memories haunt his every waking and sleeping moment, a crime for which he holds himself solely and completely responsible. The images replaying over and over within his mind have cost him his career, his marriage, and a good measure of his sanity.

Now, nearly eighteen months later and totally incapable of making even the simplest of decisions, Grant ekes out a meager existence working at an exclusive resort on the privately owned Fijian Island of Vai Kai. But there are some problems intruding upon this idyllic, decision-free existence: People are being murdered, the island is cut off by an approaching hurricane, and Grant is his own—and everyone else’s—prime suspect. During each additional uptick in the body count, Grant is suffering either from a blackout or a flashback to “That Day.” And then there’s his unfortunate propensity to be found standing over the victims’ bodies while holding the murder weapon in his blood-stained hands.

One woman separates Donovan Grant from total insanity and complete resignation. But Kelly LaBrecque has her own little problem—while Grant has the opportunity in each murder, only she has the motive. Stacking up in the resort’s refrigerated food locker are the bodies of Kelly’s ex-husband and the mistress who broke apart their marriage. It’s as if Grant is knocking off anyone who ever crossed her.

As the murders continue, the evidence against Grant piles up, and the latest choice of victims, the mistress’ milquetoast husband, mean Kelly herself may be next for cold storage, and Grant may be the one who places her there. Kelly and Grant must work feverishly to evaluate the clues and the ever-dwindling number of residents of Vai Kai—desperately racing the forces of nature and the killer that stalks them all.

In the end, Grant will have to come face-to-face with the killer, with himself, and with the demon that has haunted his remorse-filled, guilt-laden mind for far too long.

Favorite Review (From Publishers Weekly)

An Agatha Christie inspired confection stays true to its roots, with enough clues and plot twists to keep the reader guessing until the end. Donovan Grant was an air traffic controller until a post-traumatic stress disorder renders him unfit to continue in the profession. He lands the job as pilot for the exclusive Vai Kai resort in the Fiji Islands where trouble arrives in waves. First Donovan starts having inexplicable blackouts, in which he becomes uncharacteristically violent. Then he ferries in a group that includes actress Kelly LaBrecque and her movie producer ex-husband, Sheldon Larsen. Kelly informs Donovan that every person in their group hates Sheldon's guts. Finally, a hurricane knocks out the lights long enough for the first murder to occur and it looks like Donovan is the guilty party. Kelly, who seems romantically interested in Donovan, jumps to his defense. The novel is airy fun, carried by its two likable and witty central characters.

Favorite Review (From a purchaser unknown to me)

I downloaded this book because one of my high-school chums recommended it on Facebook. I am in the middle of The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest but decided to put it down to read this book only because Doug Wicker happened to contact me through my friend's Facebook posting. I can not remember when I ever read a book cover to cover until last evening. I could not put it down. Every page contains twists and turns. The lead character and his fateful story grips you from the very first page. I laughed, I cried and I was on the edge of my chair all at the same time. I am a huge mystery fan, especially murder mysteries. This is one of the best books I have ever read. It ranks with the likes of Nelson DeMille and Sue Grafton. While I was expecting lots of blood and violence, it was tempered with humor and sensitivity. Don't pass up the opportunity to add this book to your Kindle library. I can't believe it will continue to be offered at such a low price.


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