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Current Giveaways, October 1st, 2010

Current Giveaways, October 1st, 2010

If you have something you'd like listed please contact me at
Also, if you have any thing to add to this post please comment!  We would all love to hear what you think of any of the books posted, if you've already read them or read some of the authors other work. 
Author Hosted Giveaways!

Imogen Rose, author of Portal and Equilibrium, is hosting a couple of contests.

**Last Chance**

Fan Club Organizer giveaway: 
Please message me with your Fan Club link or details to enter.
Contest ends: 10/01/10

Halloween Surprise Swag Pack giveaway on the Portal Facebook Page
Click "like" or leave a comment.
Draw on 10/15/2010 (two winners)

Design a pendant with the characters ∑W in the design. Best design (which may be used for promotion) will win a hardback, numbered, signed, limited edition of PORTAL.
Email your entry to:
Competition ends:10/04/2010

Blog Giveaways!
Click on the blog name to be redirected to that blog to enter.


Haunted Computer Books is hosting a Kindle giveaway and also has a "Pandora's Box" full of ebooks that will be given away as well.

PORTAL giveaway (all kinds of great goodies!) on Alex Bennett's blog (end 10/17):

TALES FROM UNDER THE GRAVE Halloween fest and giveaways
Follow Khelsea's blog to find out more! 
Once upon a review

Goodreads Giveaways!

Giveaway dates: Sep 22-Oct 22, 2010
10 copies available, 450 people requesting
Countries available: US, CA, GB, AU, BW, GG, IE, IM, MW, NL, NZ, PM, ZA, SZ, UM, UY, and ZW 
And for your in-flight entertainment – A Bit of Light Literature, Short Stories & Other Fun Stuff. It’s a light-hearted variety of humorous articles, short stories ranging from hypochondria to murder, plus a quiz, agony aunt column, limericks and a collection of malapropisms to keep you amused and divert you from the tedium of flying.
A great book to keep with you whilst travelling, and a perfect gift (suitable for both men and women) for someone who is going on a trip.

"Should be compulsory reading to keep incorrigible chatterers quiet" - Frequent Flyer.
"Could also be used to ram down their throats" - Flight Attendant.
"The stories about me are hugely exaggerated" - Author's Spouse.
"Shredded drafts of this book line my litter tray. Royalties from this book will go towards proper deodorized litter and reduce complaints about the smell" - Family Cat
"What a relief that will be" - Family Dog.

Check out a free sample on BookBuzzr

Smashwords Giveaways!

M.R. Mathias, author of The Sword and the Dragon, is giving away a fantasy Novella at Smashwords.

"The First Dragoneer" is the first installment of the Dragoneer Saga. 
 click here to get your free copy of The First Dragoneer and enter the coupon code ZQ99Y until October 31st.

M.R. Mathias writes:
"The Royal Dragoneers" releases in mid Oct. and this free Novella is my only real promotion for it!

Also FREE:  "The Blood of Coldfrost" (A Wardstone Short)   click here to get your free copy of  "The Blood of Coldfrost"    No coupon needed for this one!

 The Adventurion by M.R. Mathias is free at Smashwords until October 31st with the coupon code:  NJ46X

Her father-king wants war. Her messianic brother wants peace. The black god wants his due. She suffers all the consequences. King Vieri’s war against the lands of Pawelon rages on; with the kingdom’s holy savior, his son, en route to the fighting in the storied desert canyon, victory ought to come soon ... "An inventive tale with high command of craft." Scott Nicholson, author of Drummer Boy

This special 'director's cut' 2010 edition combines the critically acclaimed duology WYSARD and LORD BROTHER and adds a wealth of bonus material. Ryel Mirai seeks to rediscover the long-lost spell that will release his mentor from the wraithworld of the Void, but a malignant sorcerer likewise imprisoned has enlisted the aid of Ryel's strongest rival to find the spell first.

Free at Smashwords only until October 9th
Use discount code WQ86T

Discounted Items!

The Kindness of Strangers by J.A. Titus is currently on sale at Amazon for only 99¢.

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