Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tracks and Horizons

Tracks and Horizons
26 Countries on a Motorcycle
Carlos A. Caggiani
Ed Caggiani 

About the book:
This is a nonfiction book originally written by my father, Carlos A. Caggiani, in Spanish as "Huellas y Horizontes". Working together with him, I recently translated it into English and added photographs, a map, a foreword, and a list of all cities visited. This is the true story of my father's two-year journey around the world on a motorcycle in the 1960's. It reads like a novel, full of action and drama, intermixed with real journal entries from his voyage.

From 1964 to 1966, Carlos Caggiani traveled to 26 countries on a 1947 Indian Chief motorcycle with hardly a penny to his name. At 24 years of age, he embarked on the adventure of a lifetime. He spent time with everyone from poor natives in the Andes mountains, to rich families in the United States. He crossed rivers without bridges, suffered famine, intense heat and cold, guided his motorcycle through rain and snow storms, rode on dirt and cobblestone roads, was chased by the FBI, was shot at in Bolivia during a revolutionary war, and had a serious accident due to a mechanical failure in Panama that left him hospitalized for 17 days. The experiences in this book demonstrate a human being's tenacity and triumph in the face of adversity, and shows that anything is possible. There is always something more just beyond the horizon...and as the horizon expands, our limits disappear. 

Reader Testimonials:
"What a great read! Tracks and Horizons is truly an amazing story, filled with unique adventures throughout the whole world..." - Reader, Darryl
"The restless spirit in all of us comes alive when encountering a story like this." - Reader, Rory
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