Monday, September 20, 2010

The Splendor of Antiquity

The Splendor of Antiquity
Cheryl Anne Gardner 

Blurring the boundaries between reality and fantasy, can faith and science unite to save two desolate hearts. Can love triumph over deceit, and can a man and a woman put history aside and rediscover just how deep their bond lies. Antiquity follows French Archaeologists Joliette Deneauve and Olivier Botton as they grapple with the mystic implications of a discovery hidden deep within the Siberian mountains. As Joliette pursues her obsession, she becomes bewitched by the spirit of a long dead God-King, and torn with despair, her grip on reality is tested.  As Joliette attempts to decipher the incantations of a strange burial rite, painful memories from her own past begin to overcome her, and her faith in Botton is tested. Will she learn to trust him again, trust in her own heart, or will they slip farther away from one another, into the abyss and beyond?

Author Bio:
Cheryl Anne Gardner is a writer of dark, often disturbing literary novellas. She is an advocate for independent film, music, and books, and when at all possible prefers to read and review out-of-the-mainstream indie published works, foreign translations, and a bit of philosophy. Her love of literature began at an early age with Bram Stoker's Dracula. Captivated by the Gothic and Dark Romantic stylings of Poe, Lovecraft, Kafka, and de Sade, her passion for the macabre manifests itself throughout her own work to this day. She lives with her husband and ferrets on the east coast USA, is an enthusiastic gardener, and her weekly blog column titled "Thoughts on The Craft" can be found at The Pod People Indie Book Review and Commentary site: PodPeep.Blogspot where she is a contributing editor, reviewer, and columnist.

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