Monday, September 6, 2010

The Spirit Orb

The Spirit Orb
JD Weiland

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Tsandrai begins on the run as her village, family, and everything important to her have just been destroyed.  Tired and wounded she runs into an intriguing merchant who then helps her adjust to this new world she has so abruptly been shoved into.  Dreams give her desire for revenge and the willingness to grow stronger to reach her goals. An antagonizing force reveals itself and stops at nothing in their pursuit of her.  Why are they following her? Simple coincidence turns to suspicion as she realizes she is being pursued based off her dreams. Those dreams become more alive as she realizes they are guiding her actions for the masked reason of encouraging her revenge.  The force behind those dreams reveals itself as a weapon of unimaginable power.  The antagonist reveals its true intentions of destroying her village as it was her they were after all along, because of the connection she has to that force.  They stop at nothing to prevent Tsandrai, and her companions, from reaching her goal as they too awaken an ancient force for an inevitable battle between good and evil.

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