Tuesday, September 21, 2010

An Old-Fashioned Folk Tale

An Old-Fashioned Folk Tale
Valmore Daniels
About the Book:
Valmore Daniels uses a fantasy setting to explore various themes such as courage, loyalty, betrayal, overcoming disabilities, and how to deal with growing up, while at the same time delivering a well-written, highly entertaining journey back to our the imaginary worlds of our childhood.

Written primarily for the young adult audience, An Old-Fashioned Folk Tale can be enjoyed by fantasy-lovers of all ages.
A darkness has settled across the Five Sundered Lands - an evil Sorceress has found one of the ancient artifacts, a Shard of Nelvin, and is using that power to enslave every mythical creature in the Lands.

It is up to Leif, a young human boy dying of cancer, to overcome his illness and become the hero who will find the remaining lost shards.

With a band of unlikely friends, Leif must overcome impossible obstacles, solve unsolvable puzzles, and travel through treacherous new worlds in his quest to defeat the Sorceress and reunite the Lands.
Reader Testimonials:
"Fun book!" -- Reader, Debra

"This is charming. All the elements are there for a wonderful tale and you have delivered them with skill and imagination." -- Reader, Beval

"Great mystical mystery here. Well written, great descriptions and intriguing storyline." -- Reader, Otto

"You've created a wonderful world of fantasy species that makes the reader smile. A beautiful cover adds to the enchantment! Great job!" -- Reader, Elizabeth
 An Old-Fashioned Folk Tale is on sale for $.99 until next Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010.
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