Saturday, September 11, 2010

Falling Star

Falling Star
Philip Chen

Falling Star, a thriller, uncovers the truth about mysterious objects buried deep in the murky depths of the oceans and secret government attempts to uncover their real meaning.  These objects wake up and start sending messages to outer space. Mike is pulled back into a clandestine world that he thought he had left behind to uncover the truth about these weapons. But he is attacked by gangs of ordinary looking Americans and must fight for his very life.  On top of all this, Mike learns that a revered friend has died. With the death of this friend, will the secret of the mysterious objects remain forever buried in the silt and mud of the ocean bottom?

One reader recently said in his review:

Great read that left me wanting more (rumor alert: sequel in the making!?) With the political/military intrigue of a Tom Clancy novel and the Sci-Fi feel of the 2001/2010/2061 Arthur C. Clarke novels coupled with the page turner, fast paced plot of a Dan Brown novel how could you go wrong. Chen's knowledge runs deep and shines in the book. His characters are very cool and well written.
The book was also positively reviewed by Robin Hathaway, the Agatha Award winner for her mystery novels.
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