Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Adventures of Whatley Tupper

The Adventures of Whatley Tupper
 Rudolf Kerkhoven & Daniel Pitts

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Until now, the life of Whatley Tupper has been a mundane one.  He is a Magnum P.I. obsessed, middle-aged janitor working at a crappy university.  But something is in the air tonight—and it’s not just the carbon monoxide leaking from the furnace.  What exactly will happen?  Well, you decide:

Will Whatley join forces with the Denny’s night manager to solve the mystery of a renegade group of custodians?  Will Whatley tame the troglodyte murderer living in the disused network of campus tunnels?  Will Whatley inadvertently travel into a parallel universe that is, in fact, another plotline?  Will Whatley journey to Honduras to reunite with his deported love? Will Whatley order chicken on the plane, or fish?   Will Whatley question his own sexuality?  Will Whatley leave all this madness behind and book a relaxing Alaskan cruise?  Or will Whatley turn out to be nothing more than a figment in the imagination of his idol, Tom Selleck?
The Adventures of Whatley Tupper is a Choose Your Own Adventure style comedy, filled with so many formulaic plots and inane stock characters that, as a whole, it is something utterly unique.  And stupid.

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