Monday, August 16, 2010

Shard Mountain

Shard Mountain
Joesph Mitchell

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Shard Mountain by Joseph Mitchell - Sci-fi / Fantasy


Shard Mountain is an epic science-fiction fantasy novel set in a distant post-apocalypse future America.

Three young men involved in a highway accident are surprised to wake up not in a hospital, but in a dark underground tomb, five-hundred years in the future.

They emerge to discover a world completely unlike anything they knew, where bizarre mutations are common among people and wildlife, and scraps of ancient technology are dug from the ground like buried treasure.

They will have to learn to survive in this dangerous new world, and to unravel the mystery of what happened while they slept, to discover why they would be categorized as something other than human beings.

Review excerpt by Steven L. Hawk, author of 'Peace Warrior', from Amazon reviews.
Joseph Mitchell has crafted a wonderful piece of work with Shard Mountain. Reading this book is like watching a master juggler at work. He keeps dozens of creative balls, artistic daggers and literary chainsaws in the air simultaneously. And drops nary a one.

The story centers around two petty criminals, Charles and Jake, who meet on their bus ride to prison. One is a geek with too many unpaid tickets; the other, a stoner who jaywalked at the absolute worst time. The bus is in an accident with a military convoy and the pair, along with one of their guards, wakes up 571 years later. Mutants, mind reading, and mayhem ensue.

In telling this tale, Mitchell requires his readers to engage all seven senses (and then some) as he describes his version of Earth in the year 2581. The post apocalyptic world that he creates is vivid, lush and full of imaginative wonders. Similar to the world of Dune that Frank Herbert created more than forty years ago, this version of earth is as much a character in this book as any named protagonist. of the best books I have read in a long time.

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