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Powerless: The Synthesis

Powerless: The Synthesis
Jason Letts

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Powerless: The Synthesis


Mira Ipswich couldn’t have ever known the startling
difference that separates her from the rest of humanity. But when she
discovers a strange anomaly in the midst of her seclusion, her parents
are forced to reveal she exists in a world where everyone is imbued
with a wondrous natural gift. Everyone except herself that is.

Accompany Mira as her attempts to fit in among peers and understand
her inconceivable condition embroil her with the dangerous forces
threatening her homeland. Protected by nothing more than her
imagination and ingenuity, you’ll never find a superhero more like


5.0 out of 5 stars   A Powerful Read, June 4, 2010
By Garrett Alley (Redwood City, CA United States) - See all my reviews  
This review is from: Powerless: The Synthesis (Kindle Edition)
Take your typical fantasy novel -- where the hero discovers she has mystical powers and must save the world -- and turn it on its head.

With "Powerless" the author has created compelling characters and a fascinating setting with a twist: the main character is the only person without a special power! In a world where every person has an extra ability of some sort, Mira is exceptional in that she has none.

I could not stop reading this book. The story pulled me in and kept me riveted right through to the end. Jason Letts does a fantastic job of introducing new mysteries and challenges while keeping the characters and their interactions believable. I particularly enjoyed how the story began with Mira's entire world limited to her parents' house and the surrounding yard. Then throughout the story the camera pulls back to reveal more and more of the world and its intricacies.

I'm waiting impatiently for book two! If you're looking for something different, or if you're just looking for a great story with interesting characters I highly recommend this book.

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