Thursday, August 12, 2010

Only Money

Only Money
Christopher S. Tolley
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Christopher S. Tolley writes:
My mystery/crime novel is called Only Money.
A hit man who can't remember his phony name screws up. His victim lives long enough to describe him.

Ex-cop turned attorney Neville Hartley agrees to help Nicky Findlay’s father resolve a debt to a shady lender. Findlay saved Neville’s brother’s life. It’s Neville’s turn. With assistance from a popular newspaper columnist, Neville figures out the shady lender caught the father in a mortgage scam. The old man is about to lose his house. Worse, the shady lender gets wise to Neville and puts Neville's life in danger.

Then the forgetful hit man comes after Neville, too.

In an attempt to redeem a shattered life, beautiful Arizona Douglas, an aging, down and out exec, and former shady lender employee, assists Neville. With her help, Neville uses his unerring (sometimes) sixth sense about people and discovers the shady lender is backed by a Wall Street darling who's either an investor with 'vision', or the SEC hasn't caught up with him yet.

To help the old man, and smoke out the killer, Neville and Arizona come up with a scam shadier than the lender’s darkest imagination. Only this time, the bad guy is the mark.

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