Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Memoirs of a Bar Steward

Memoirs of a Bar Steward
Scott Evans

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Jacob Cox is 18 and finds himself running his family's new business, a dilapidated bar in a forgotten seaside town. Jacob longs to escape his family of villains, liars and psychopaths.  Could the bar be his last chance to make money and get away from everyone he despises?  Is his family really that bad or is he actually worse than all of them put together? 

To make the business a success he needs help from his dangerous twin brother Miller, his disastrous best friend Curly and his annoyingly cool younger brother Clint.  It's a perilous undertaking with monstrous foes and maybe even love (or just deadly sex).  If his con artist father, gang member mother, and his sinister little sister Marie don't destroy his plans, maybe, just maybe he can escape. 

A screwball comedy about a dysfunctional family who need each other to survive.

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