Friday, August 27, 2010

Hell and Gone

Hell and Gone
Henry Brown

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A black market Russian nuke. Religious extremists who must conquer at any cost. An alienated loner with a deathwish. An Israeli city. These ingredients comprise a recipe that terrifies US intelligence. How can suicidal killer Bassam Amin be stopped before the Israelis take action...without assistance from the US military; without fracturing the Coalition Against Terror; and without triggering global jihad?
Enter retired commando Dwight "Rocco" Cavarra and a handful of other alpha-male SpecOps veterans who have never worked together. Within days of assembling, they must plow through an African civil war; infiltrate a heavily defended desert fortress; wrestle the WMD away from Amin and his fellow sociopaths while surrounded and outnumbered by desperate proportions; then waltz out of harm's way undetected by local warlords or the genocidal government. No problem--hooyah! But how should Rocco's Retreads handle the hard-charging Mossad agents Israel dropped in the hornets' nest to help the mission along...or was it to frag Cavarra and take over the operation themselves?
Only a maniac would volunteer for such an ate-up mission. Only a monster would use an A-bomb for terror. Both maniacs and monsters are on a collision course which could blow the world to hell and gone.


There are plenty of thrillers available that deal with threats that concern all of us in this age of terrorism. Some are even semi-realistic. None I have read, however, get down to the grunt-on-the-ground level like this little novel.
I was pleasantly surprised by the vernacular. The language is salty in places, but does not belabor the story.
The weaponry details, tactics and mutual support aspects of the story were as well done as I've read in any novel. There are no super men or women in Hell and Gone, just some flawed people going into a supremely dangerous situation with their eyes open. Some are not capable, whether morally, physically or intellectually of performing perfectly, or even of doing the right thing. Sounds like life to me.
I can heartily recommend Henry Brown's Hell and Gone to anyone who wants a timely thriller about imperfect humans thrown together into face to face combat for some reasons right, and some wrong. --Barnes & Noble Online customer review


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