Sunday, July 11, 2010

What's the Hap's?

So, what has everyone been doing lately?

The book club I joined, Kindle Obsessed Book Club, is making their choice for the first book we are going to read.  I've cast my vote and am waiting to see which book will be chosen.  I'm excited to be able to read with a group.  This will be my first experience with a book club.  I just hope I LOVE the book that's chosen.  I really don't like having anything bad to say about a book. 

I'm working on another installment in the Alexis Stanton Chronicles but am not promising I will finish it and make it public.  If anyone has any ideas for a main story line don't hesitate to give me suggestions.  I do have an idea in mind but I have to work out all the kinks before I get too involved.  Also, if I do well with this next one, I'll be needing ideas for the next one and the next one!

To me, finding the story is one of the hardest parts about writing.  If I have a story I can easily put it down but I first have to find that perfect story that speaks to me.  What is it that you find the hardest part about writing? 

The one answer I expect to see is MARKETING.  I will admit, the marketing part of the process is, by far, the hardest part.  It's amazing how many books there are out there.  If an author hopes to make a living with their writing I'm thinking they will have to either be a marketing guru (having a good book helps a lot) or have quite a lot of money to spend on marketing/advertising.

Well, I'm off to check the voting process for the book club.  If anyone is interested in joining you can click the link above and it'll take you directly to the Kindle Obsessed Book Club page, or simply click here. 



  1. You already know I'm WOEFULLY behind on reviews, so I'd better not join a book club, even if I am full of opinions that are just begging to be shared (I'm not sure whether to put a happy face or sad face here). :)

    The hardest part, by far, is editing. I edit, then find out I used the word "really" 1547 times. Then I edit and find out I used the word "just" 2471 times. Then... Anyway, I don't think I'd have a problem with marketing, but I'd need a techie who could help me with the computer stuff - I suck at that.

  2. Erica - I'm right with you in the reviews department. I really need to get on Amazon and catch up on it.

    However, if you find a little time, you should check it out anyway. Participation with every book read is not a requirement. That's the part I like. If I don't like any of the selections or can't afford them, I can pass until the next book.

    I don't like the editing part of writing either. But, I still prefer that to marketing. I just wish I had a large advertising budget so I could hire someone to do it for me. But, since I can't I guess some sort of advertising budget would be nice.


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