Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Review for Color Me Grey

The first thing I do in the morning, after pouring my coffee, is check my email, Facebook, Blog, and other related internet browsing areas.  This morning I was happy to find a new and positive review for Color Me Grey!

Jenn Carley said...
I just finished reading "Color Me Grey" and I have three words for the book...WOW, WOW and more WOW. Meet Alexis Stanton. She is smart, tough, fit and very pretty. She reminds me of the character "Lora Croft". The character "Alexis" thinks she looks like Lora Croft too except she does not have the accent. From the beginning to the ending there is non-stop action. I love the character's too - From the Dad to Mr. White to Mr. Black. I will be reading "Shades of Grey" and "Reflections of Grey". Thank You J.C. Phelps for a wonderful novel! I really enjoyed it. To the next adventure...Shades of Grey!!
Jenn posted a review on ten different pages, giving her ten entries.  Here is the list of where she posted.  If I've missed any, Jenn, let me know so I can update!

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Entry Update

  • Jenn - 10
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If you don't see your name here and it should be, let me know so I can get it up here.  Also, if you think you should have more entries, let me know right away!

Thanks to everyone who has reviewed Color Me Grey!


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  2. OH!!! and you posted a Blog entry to my site I think that should count. And it's been tweeted a few times :)

  3. Misty,
    Thank you for giving me all that info. I'm going to add another for the KindleObesessed Facebook page too. That puts you up to 13 entries! Whoo hoo!

    Thank you so much for helping me out!

  4. Oh yep! The Kindle Obsessed Book Club site and Twitter! So you are at 15 now! This is fun!


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