Wednesday, July 28, 2010

And the Reviews Keep Coming!

As I was sitting at my computer, actually writing, I heard the familiar "ting," meaning I have mail.  I went directly to my inbox and sure enough, there it was.

Smashwords sent me a notice to let me know Color Me Grey had received a new review!  I eagerly went to my Smashwords page and saw... THREE STARS.  Oh, the horror... but THEN I read the review.  I'm not at all displeased.

The review originates from Maria Romana, who writes the Contemporary Romance Books Blog.  I am going to post the review below my commentary, but you can see it at her site as well.  There is a link to her blog directly above or you can go to my links section and click there.
J.C. Phelps’ Color Me Grey is the first of a three-book series about Alexis Stanton, a spoiled rich girl who decides to trade in her easy life as a data processor living off Mom & Dad for one of action and adventure, by embarking on a new career with a mysterious company where everyone is code-named a color–Mr. Black, Mr. White, Mr. Red. Alexis, code-named Ms. Grey, is the first woman to join this team of highly trained professionals and quickly shows up the men with her skill, daring, and never-quit attitude. Much of the book is devoted to the details of Alexis’ training as a fighter, scuba-diver, and survivalist, and only becomes a true action/adventure novel near the end when she joins the team on a rescue mission that hits close to home.
The novel is strongly pro-female in that Alexis is continually shown as being at least as capable, if not more so, than her male colleagues, which for me, was a bit unbelievable. That a petite woman could take down a trained male opponent twice her size, while intoxicated no less, was one of several points I had to take on faith, but for younger female readers, Alexis would likely be inspirational. The book also includes hints of romance, but in this volume at least, nothing that comes to fruition.
Color Me Grey is written in the first-person, past tense point-of-view, and at times, a bit stream of consciousness. I’ve said before I’m not a huge fan of first-person POV, but it does lend a youthful, up-to-the-minute air to this novel. The writing itself would benefit from some additional editing, as it suffers from occasional bouts of over-explaining, a few spelling errors, and some misused phrases. I would also prescribe a healthy dose of commas for the longer sentences. Editing issues aside, however, if one enjoys adventure novels where the focus is more on action and less on character and relationship development, Color Me Grey will be just what the doctor ordered.

Thank you for the review Maria!

Maria - 4
Suzannah - 4
Jenn - 11
Misty - 15
Dawn - 4
Lynn - 1 

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