Monday, September 22, 2014

Featured 99¢ Sale - One Week of Summer

One Week of Summer
Alex Norris


Johnny and George are two fresh-faced eighteen-year-olds, determined to make the most of their last summer of freedom before heading out into the big, bad world. The boys leave their hometown of Nottingham to search for excitement among the bright lights of London, having booked tickets to see one of their favourite bands in concert.

These best-laid schemes are soon derailed, however, when party-mad Johnny meets Lara, a beautiful stranger on her way to Spain for a relaxing holiday alone. Not one to pass up an opportunity to chase a pretty girl, Johnny tries to convince his reserved best friend that a holiday in Spain is just what they need. Disappointed George was hoping for some quality time with his buddy, but nevertheless agrees, unable to resist Johnny’s powers of persuasion. What neither boy knows, however, is that Lara is trying to escape some demons of her own, and what initially seems like a relaxing week in the sun, turns out to be the ultimate test of Johnny and George’s friendship. 

One Week Of Summer is a fast-paced ride through seven tumultuous days for three confused, lonely and horny young adults. Narrated through the eyes of a multitude of characters, the novel offers a glimpse into the exciting, but often heart-breaking, lives of the youth of the twenty-first century, desperate for happiness, love and just one more unforgettable night…

Friday, September 19, 2014

First Ever Writer's Retreat

A couple of years ago I was invited to join a writer's group.  It's filled with amazing women and I truly have no idea how I fit in, but I sure as heck am not complaining.

The group is Western Women in the Arts.  It consists of all kinds of women artists - painters, sculptors, writers, and musicians.  Since I've joined it has focused mostly on the writing aspect.

For the past couple of years I have been surrounded by some of the most humbling talent once a month.  They have taken me in and I am fortunate to be able to benefit from that talent as well as many accumulated years of experience in their respective fields.

Today, I am attending my first ever writer's retreat with these women.  We will be bringing wine, chocolate, chips, dip, and lots of other snacks.  We will be treated to a special dinner, then we will retire to other rooms of the bed and breakfast to visit.

I'm excited for this experience, but it very well might be my first night away from my entire family, ever.  I've been thinking back and am not able to remember a time in which I was away from all of my kids and my husband at the same time.  I have not been alone, not even once, since I had kids over fourteen years ago.

I don't know if I'll get much time to write.  I think the environment would be great for it.  However, I feel compelled to pick these women's brains every time we are in the same room.

We will be staying at Coyote Blues here in the Black Hills.  If you're interested in seeing where we'll be staying, you can check out their website:

Be warned - the website has an automatic song that plays.  It always startles me when I first click on the site.  You can avoid that by quickly scrolling to the bottom of the home page and shutting off the music as it loads up.