Friday, November 3, 2017

NaNoWriMo 2017

Hello everyone. I haven't had any submissions to my blog lately so I thought I'd do a quick post about NaNoWriMo.

For those of you who don't know, NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month and it happens every November. It's simply a way for writers to get together online and offline and write together. We challenge ourselves to write 50,000 words during the month of November. I think I've only made my goal a couple of times but, for me, that's not the entire reason I participate. It's fun to get with other writers and do word sprints or just chat. It's fun to find the local write-ins (where we get together physically to write or chat.)

I enjoy being a part of NaNoWriMo, even when I don't get my word count. It gives me something to belong to. I'm a part of it and have been for the past seven years.

If any of you would like to participate you can go to the website and join. Look me up. My name on NaNoWriMo is JCPhelps.  Hope to see you there!

 You can find the NaNoWriMo site here:

Monday, October 30, 2017

New Release - Druid Warrior Prince

If you are interested in this new release but have not yet started the series the 1st book in the Celtic Stewards Chronicles, Passion's Sacred Dance, is available for a limited time (October 30th - November 1st, 2017) for 99¢ at Amazon.

I have included descriptions and buy links for books 1, 2, and 3 below.


Druid Warrior Prince
Celtic Stewards Chronicles
Book Three
Juli D. Revezzo

Description for Book Three, Druid Warrior Prince:
Gwenevieve Macken’s well-ordered world falls into chaos as encroaching interlopers scheme to possess both her and her land. Although she’s been trained to spot the signs of inhuman evil in men, the amassing armies take on guises she never expected.

When a foreign guardian presents himself as her only option for salvation, Gwenevieve must make a choice between her desires, and fulfilling the mythic fate to which she was born. A forced marriage to a Tuatha dé Danann warrior isn't part of her plan.

Author Bio:

Juli D. Revezzo loves fantasy and Celtic mythology and writing stories with all kinds of fantastical elements. She is the author of the historical romances, House of Dark Envy, Watchmaker's Heart, and Lady of the Tarot, the Antique Magic paranormal series and Celtic Stewards Chronicles series and more. She is also a member of the Independent Author Network and the Magic Appreciation Tour.

Connect with the author:
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Description for Book One, Passion's Sacred Dance:
Unless Stacy Macken can stave off her creditors, she may lose her renowned history center. Yet she knows in her heart that the center is sacred and what a catastrophe losing it would be. How much of a catastrophe, she hasn't a clue.

Until Aaron Fielding arrives with his tales of magical guardians and the Tuatha dé Danann, sworn warriors from Celtic legend who protect humanity from a wicked enemy seeking their destruction.

Is the end of the world imminent? What can she, a modern woman and her warrior lover, possibly have to offer when a long-prophesied druidic mythic battle explodes around them?

Bonus: Includes brand new flash fiction piece, "About A Warrior"

99¢ from October 30th through November 1st.

Click here to buy for Kindle

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Description for Book Two, Druid Warrior's Heart:
As the latest in her family’s long line of Stewards, Ruth Macken awaits the arrival of a warrior sworn to the Tuatha dé Danaan, the Celtic gods her family has served since the beginning of time. For on that day, a magical battle will erupt. A war between druids and an evil that will decide the fate of mankind.

Isaac Connel knows the battle is imminent, and is ready to fight, once again but from the moment he sees Ruth flitting around the sacred ground, he’s captivated by her fiery charms and a need to protect her.

Despite Isaac’s assurances and the dreams that guide her, what can Ruth and her lover do to drive off this evil? Despite everything, will the world end at the hands of an evil god?

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FEATURED NEW RELEASE - Description above
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