Thursday, April 17, 2014

Giveaway - Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows
Book 1 of Destiny Quest Series
Varun Vashist

April 17th, 2014
Two People, Two Worlds: One Common Thread

Eliska was a warrior Princess; Eric a normal human. They had different Worlds. Eliska from a world where the identity is never revealed to the humans. But, Destiny had a different plan. When she was assigned the task to protect the last remnants of her race, she never expected the Dark Forces to be so strong. In the end, she had to take a decision; a decision that not only affected her world, but somehow, the destiny of Eric got intertwined with hers. Her failure to save her race brought Eric into the center of an unexplained phenomenon.
He started to meet people and visit places that were unknown to humans. But, it seemed he was connected to that world. There were signs that all these happenings were not random. Someone, somewhere had changed his destiny.

Would he know the reason of his survival? Will he come to know what Eliska did? And, Will he find his destiny?

Friday, April 11, 2014

Featured Series - JTN Complete (Omnibus Edition): Journey to Nyorfias Omnibus Edition

JNT: Journey to Nyorfias
Three Complete Novels


A jaded soldier. An eclectic dreamer. A neophyte Guardian thrown against an ancient and powerful foe. In the Balance, the life and death of a solar system...

This is the complete epic science fiction adventure in one volume, containing all three novels: Convergence, Gravity, and Stratagem. SPECIAL FEATURES: Two maps from the original hardcover (out of print), a reference section, and a "Deleted Scene"... a complete, extra short story of an incident referred to in both Convergence and Gravity.