Thursday, October 8, 2015

Featured Book - 6 Ways to Where

6 Ways to Where
R. Mac Wheeler

 Today I am showcasing 6 Ways to Where by R. Mac Wheeler. It is the third book of the 6 Ways series.

I have read several titles from this author and have enjoyed each of them. 6 Ways to Where is on my to be read list.

This title is currently $2.99 for Kindle at Amazon.

At eighteen it’s tough to decide a life path when the threat of pandemic hangs over the world, your brother is the genius who engineered the plague, and you’re repeatedly drawn into the fight against the terrorists spreading it. Plenty of people would kill an Abernathy on sight so it would be wise for Mar to visit the dojo, otherwise play invisible, but her brother is manipulating her into another adventure. 

Alcoholic parents treated Margarite as an unwelcome stranger, then left her at fourteen with her thirty year old autistic brother. At sixteen, things really sour, thanks to her brother. A medical researcher, Reggie engineers the ultimate plague. Fanatics seek to control him. The government pursues them as terrorists. Margarite witnesses ruthlessness, compassion, and competence she couldn't imagine from her brother, but the world needs a miracle. The best she and Reggie can do is wing it.

Nightmares. Panic attacks. Depression. Margarite is hammered by the typical issues of a seventeen year old loner, whose parents sympathized with insane people intending to collapse civilization. The few who care about Mar have more concerns. Her drinking. Fighting. Jumping out of airplanes. 

Her brother engineered the plague that’s breaking out across the globe and she holds a little guilt for not stopping it. Or being one of the first to die. Still, conspirators behind what they call the correction are not done with her. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Summer 2015 Work Schedule (Part Two)

Continued from the last post:

My last post showed the damage from the 2013 storm and some of the clean up. What I neglected to tell everyone is that all but one of the cottonwood trees were removed. We still hope to remove the last one because they are so old and rotting from the inside out. They have become dangerous.

The removal of the trees is a depressing thing to me and especially to my middle girl. I think she must be part tree because every time we have to do anything, like trimming the trees, she cries for them. She bawled when she found out we were going to remove the big trees. I empathize with her. They were majestic and the subject of a lot of my photography.

These trees are now all gone except for the last one. It has been trimmed beyond recognition, though.

Here is a video I created of some still shots I took while they cut down the trees. It's not the best video and it has no audio. Thankfully it's not very long.  The last tree to come down actually hit the house. It's hard to see in the video but the two pictures after they fall show the damage it did. I really hope it works because my preview isn't letting me check it.

If the video doesn't work you should be able to view it by clicking the link below.
Tree Removal 2015